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Hello and welcome! I don't really use this website anymore, can you tell?

I do all the design and graphics myself so please don't take anything without my permission.

If you stop by, please drop me a line. I'm intrigued by how people stumble onto my website and would love to know.

Thanks for dropping by! ~~ Becca (email me!)

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RS Creative Solutions

Sheep2Skein Yarn Shop

Wedding [10.10.10] Page

Basic Info - Learn about ME... It's ok, you know you're dying too

Baby/ Toddler Years Pictures - I was such a cute little girl!

Butterfly Tattoo - Inked on September 16, 2001 [25th bday] - 1st

Celtic Triskele Tattoo - Inked on October 2, 2008 [32nd bday] - 5th

Hebrew Name Tattoo - Inked on September 16, 2004 [28th bday] - 2nd

Phoenix Tattoo - Inked on February 27, 2011 [Honoring my MBA Graduation] - 6th

Photo Album - Wide range of hairstyles and me, me, me!

Shamrock Tattoo - Inked right before I left Florida, July 19, 2006 - 4th

Stars! Tattoo - Inked on September 10, 2005 [29th bday] - 3rd

Tongue Piercing and Removal - lasted a whopping 10 months back in 2001

Wedding Tattoo - Inked on May 14, 2011 [Hebrew love (ahava) & 42] - 7th

  [[ Article on Jews & Tattoo's/ Body Modification ]]

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