Article on Jews & Tattoo's/ Body Modification
Inked! My 1st tattoo
Inked Again! My 3rd tattoo

I got my tattoo! I am told it took about 20 minutes since I didn't look at the clock when we started. I had to wait a few minutes for Dan to redraw my stencil with the changes since I had shrunk it a bit since they made the initial drawing of it. This sucker hurt bad! Much worse than my butterfly did. Then again, it is on my ankle, not the bone, but close enough! OW!

It's about 2.5"-3" dead center on my outer left ankle. I stood on a chair for Dan to position the stencil of it. And it came out really pretty!

I went to BodyTech of Gainesville and Dan was my artist and did a kick-ass job!

Up close the morning after... the bandages freshly removed

Mia looks it over to make sure she approves

This is what it looked like the first 12-ish hours

Stacey drew my tattoo out and this is the picture Dan worked off.

Rivkah, my Hebrew name


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