Becca Through the Years
(man, was I the cutest little kid or what?!)


I'm so adorable, I amaze myself sometimes... =)

"I'm ready for my close-up Mr. Speilberg..." - October 1979


Snow... in Miami?! What the hell is this stuff?

I'm so cute, I pinch my own cheeks! March 1978

Swinging on the horsie with my Mommy

Camping March 1978 - we camped a LOT when we were growing up

Me and my adored big brother in matching overalls - April 1978

Ohh la la! my sexy pink bikini.. of course I was only 2 years old... May 1978

Hangin at Disney World - December 1978

Watching the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disney - December 1978

Bernie and I in our matching jailbird jammies

Sleeping in the camper at another art show

Sound asleep, at another art show, with my blankie - August 1979

I'm thinking it was cold.. what do you think?

Stealing food for lunch.. nice braids, Bec

Sunbathing on the beach with Mommy and Bernie

Smile pretty for the nice JCPenney photograher

I always wanted a horse! But this just runs in circles..

Even as a midget I loved eating icing and raw cookie dough.. July 1978

Funny thing is, we can recreate this exact scene from the cups to the couch to the table.. but not the clothes, doubt they'd fit =)

I have my bike... I'm outta here!

Again with the horses... I really wanted one

Teaching Dan to drive his first car

You have no idea how much of a blackmail picture this really is!

Melbourne Beach - cute little family

New dress and dolly!


Ian, Me, Felisa, Shira, and Bernie - cousins in N.C.

Bern (brother), Mike (cousin) and me on a picnic table sitting on my blankie - May 1979