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Article on Jews & Tattoo's/ Body Modification
Inked Again! My 2nd tattoo
And again! My 3rd tattoo

I got my 1st tattoo on my 25th birthday. Nicholas calls it my pet butterfly. Can he BE any cuter?! (I think not)

She's a tiny butterfly.. about quarter-sized and the wings are divided into 3 sections. The top and bottom ones are deep bright blue (Gator blue) , the middle one close to the body is deep deep orange (Gator orange) and the body is .

I went to Ancient Art on OBT in Orlando and Dorothi mine and the other peoples' as well.

11-2-2002 11-2-2002
Kinda far away, but you get the idea. See where
it is in relation to the tag on my shorts *grin*


the day after, still red on the edges.s
My beautiful butterfly!! (back/ hip)
This was taken the day after so it's still red.


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