Tongue Piercing Pictures

OK, so I got my tongue pierced May 27, 2000. I had been living in Orlando, FL for about 2 months when I got it done. I had been wanting to do something for a while. I thought I couldn't get a tattoo cuz of my religion, and the hole in my tongue (a muscle) will close up in like 12 hours if I take the stud out. Jen and I got our tongues pierced together. As some may not believe, this time *I* was the instigator. Being the one to always be the first to do things, she had to get hers pierced just so I wasn't the only one! hehehe

But the wuss took hers out long before I did and in 12 hours or so, the hole was closed up. So that's how I know...

See.. told ya! I took it out... see the pictures!


One of the last pic's with my first webcam
My cool new tongue stud! Me and Charity. She got hers pierced
the month before Jen and I got ours done.
Self-Portrait the day of the piercing...
man! I love this thing... it's so funky.
Jackson enthralled. I was holding his
hands so he didn't grab it (his fave game!)


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