Charity Janke

I met Charity by posting an ad for a roommate back at UF. Little did I know! She and I turned out to be really great friends! The only bad part I've found with our friendship is we are too damn far apart now and I miss her so mucho! Charity is actually one of the reasons I moved to Orlando a few years back. Of course, her and Rick left me there so I had to leave! (KIDDING!!)

I love you so much, Char!

Waiting for the Tim McGraw concert to start! - O'Dome at UF 1997
Secksie mamma! - 1997
Wedding Rehersal Dinner - Jan 1999
Her wedding to Rick - Jan 1999
Me and Charity at Ammani and Ryan's wedding in 2000
Da baby shower for little Miss Hailey - March 2002
Hailey's 1st ski trip to Colorado - 2003
Hailey and Justin - September 2003 - GO GATORS! *grin*

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