Jennifer Comfort

I met Jen way back in 10th grade. We hated each other on the spot. That rapidly changed with our next meeting and we've been inseperable now for over 10 years! Over the years we have been each other's sister, confidante, best friend, road trip buddy, kidnapee, life saver, and much more! She also bestowed the highest honors of Maid-of-Honor in her wedding to Ben and Godmother to her son, Nicholas.

I love you so much, Jeffer Zeffer!

Here are just a few pictures from the beginnings... when we used to take a lot of pictures!

Last day of 11th grade at Gables - June 1993
Jen in my dorm at UF wearing my shirt under the god that is Bon Jovi's, poster - Fall 1994
This was when Jen kidnapped me from school - oh wait, I wasn't attending that semester... ooooops! (This room was actually pitch black when I took the picture) - March 1996
I like to car this the "why the fuck are you taking my picture while I'm pumping gas?" picture - en route to Newton, NC 1997
Outside my shitty apartment where I lived with the worse person alive. Jen and I were about to head to Daytona. I think Ben and Eric were with us - August 2000
Oh yes, I am the greatest friend! I got her a replica Shelby 'Stang for Christmas! - 2000
On the phone at her own wedding.. oh yeah, I believe it! (Look closely and you can see Nickle) - April 2001
Mommy at Nickle's baptism - November 2001
The evil princess of darkness (or some shit) was trying to remove a jell-o shot from the cup thingie... This was just the greatest picture - Halloween 2002

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