Meet Gabbee Rae

Meet Gabriella "Gabbee" Rae

Gabbee tested positive for the Feline Leukemia virus on March 10, 2001. I learned from the vet that, chances are, she will not live for more then 2 years from the time she contracted the virus. The problem is, I have no idea when she got it. They were optimistic that I have had her this long (7 months) and she seems just fine so far! In fact, she is absolutely insane and loves to cuddle with mommy and run in circles driving everyone crazy.

She was euthanized on June 7th, 2002 at the Humane Society SPCA of Orlando.
Click to see the account of her last few days and my first days without her.

Gabbee was adopted November 11, 2000 from A Dog's Best Friend rescue shelter. She was 10 months old and as soon as her crate opened up, she was all over me. She immediately climbed up onto my shoulder and crawled down my back... the whole time, purring like crazy!

I knew she was the kitty for me. Harley used to purr like that... She is such a loveable, silly, little munchkin. She absolutely loves acting like a parrot and sitting on my shoulder and just purring and snuggling with me. But her most favorite thing to do is running in circles all over the apartment. *Especially* in the middle of the night!


Man! That is the coolest thing... papers spit out of that thing!


Pretty little psycho kitty Chillin' with Mommy's laundry basket


Look at the cool bowl mommy made for me! It's got my name on it


sitting like a big girl in mommy's office chair. My mommy is so cool!
She lets me climb on her like a jungle gym


Techno Cat! Sleeping like the angel she is


just being cute and parrot-like... yeah, she's weird Gabbee watching herselfon the webcam


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