Ms. Kayla is my shadow, my princess, my angel. She loves curling up in bed with me and snoring away! She has never been happier then when I finally moved back home! I missed my little munchkin so very much! She and the kids are moving to Homestead with me once the fence is in place and they can't run away!

Kayla's daughter - Princess Leigha Rose
Kayla's Son - Walkabout Waldo

Happy Birthday,
Kayla Rose!

January 2003 - my little baby girl hiding

September 2001 September 2001
Beautiful Little Princess!
Profilin'! haha (long story)

June 2001
I swear she's a person in a mini fur coat!

March 2001 when Mommy came to visit me and wouldn't let me sleep!


UGH! I don't wanna go in my house yeeeeet! Mooooooom! Quit interrupting my beauty sleep!


Sticking her tongue out while chewing on
the bunny Aunt Charity gave to her
Ms. Priss curled up on the
couch in Gainesville


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