Happy Birthday, Munchkin!

Kayla turned 5 on January 4, 2003. So her mommy (me) made her a birthday cake to share with her friends. I made it from 5 dog bisquits and some peanut butter. They just loved it. I even managed to get 5 candles into it - but we didn't light them.They only stayed in long enough to take pictures, then they started falling over LOL.

Kay's cake and her birthday hat... she DID wear it!
Kayla, her daughter (Leigha) and her neice (Bonnie)
waiting (impatiently) for the cake
Kay and Leigha trying to get the cake...
Kay is such a good begger! And so very patient too.
She only hit me twice till I gave it to her


After her dessert, Kay and Dan (my brother) took a nap on my bed.
They're so funny - my 2 roommates for when I move


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