My mom took Kay to the vet around 3:30 on May 8th to get an x-ray and to help deliver them if necessary. They said she might need a cesearean cuz she's so tiny. They gave her a shot to induce her labor at the vet in case she had problems and she did...

From the first shot, she'd had 2 little boys naturally that the vet had to help with. My dad said the vet had to pull both of them out and cut the cords himself rather then have Kayla do it. She was so worn out that they gave her another shot and let my mom wait till they closed up to see if she'd have anymore. They did another x-ray to see how many more and there were 2 more inside her. The 3rd puppy, the lone girl, was born at the vet's office as well, but with all the fluids (yeah, it's gross *grin*) unlike the first two. The 4th puppy was born at home and my mom had to help and basically show Kay how to do it.

At 6:30pm, Kayla'd had all 4 puppies.. 3 boys and 1 girl. One of the boys has a diamond on it's neck. Too bad that one's not a girl or I'd keep it and name it Satine from Moulin Rouge cuz "diamonds are a girl's best friend!" hehehe

By May 10th, the litter was down to 2 puppies. The last boy and the second boy born both died. the eldest boy and the lone girl are both alive and healthy and eating normally.

Kayla, Leigha and Luc
Watchful mommy Kayla

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