Kayla's Miracle of Miracle's! Little Max

Max grows up and gets officially named "Walkabout Waldo"

This pregnancy started off kindof weird with us not even knowing she was pregnant! Last week, my mom took Kay to the Vet for her annual shots and he wouldn't give them to her cuz "she looks puffy". Bear in mind that Kay is a tiny little perfect 13-inch Beagle weighing about 23-25 pounds. After the vet mentioned it, I started seeing her sides filling out and getting bigger - typical signs. The thing is, he couldn't feel any puppies so we had no idea how long she'd been preggers. Also, dogs are only preggers for 63 days (I so wish!) so the night before last (July 1st) she hopped up into bed with me panting and squirming and being a general nuisance. Normally she'll just lay there at the foot of my bed like an angel. In the morning when I woke up, she was going nuts, walking in circles, it looked like her water'd broken and she was panting heavier and trying to go outside. Sometime in the last week she dug a hole under a very large stack of cinder blocks and would disappear there for long periods of time. Our dogs tend to dig holes to have their babies in, but I couldn't imagine this princess doing that until I saw the hole myself.

So I told my mom we needed to take her to the vet. Her last pregnancy (Leigha's litter) had caused her so much pain and trouble that I didn't want her to go through that again. 4 babies were born and only 2 survived, one being Leigha. So off we went for the 1-mile or so drive and she drooled the whole way. Poor thing is pregnant and still getting carsick! We arrive and the snotty receptionist tells us we have to wait. So my mom goes and finds a nurse to help us. Thank god she did cuz Kay was about to pop open! Dr. Cuhly arrived and took Kay back for an X-ray. There he was, 1 lone puppy, very large (for Kayla) and very backwards! No wonder she was pushing and pushing and nothing was happening, He was in a breach position, not going anywhere fast! Dr. C told me that she suspected he would be dead as he was so large he was probably past the 63 days. She took Kay back to do an emergency c-section. Lo and behold, he was alive and kicking! The nurse brought him out rubbing him with a towel to keep up circulation and he was just so adorable! He was almost all black with a white line down his nose and a white "collar" around the back of his neck and had an all-white belly and legs.

We had to leave them there for a few hours so Kay could come out of the anesthesia enough to walk and they wanted to make sure that she would feed him. So we went home, I was given the day off from work (yay! I love my bosses!!) and I helped my dad put together an area for them to live in since she can't very well keep him in my room! So we put together a whelping box - which meant we had to rip the plastic off the wood and cut out and reattach more plastic. Then when mom and I went to get Kay and Max, daddy put the box together.

The girls at the vet's office didn't want to give him up, but they did eventually and home they came. Kay was so drugged and groggy that she slept pretty much all of Wednesday. Now that she's fully awake, she is very protective of him. She growls if she so much as hears dog tags jingling (signaling another dog coming near). She even growls at Leigha. I guess she doesn't remember doing the same thing a little over a year ago when Leigha was born. Ahh well.… and on to the piccies!

Some Pictures from Day one

Mommy Kay and Miracle Max resting after a hard morning - she is still super groggy!

Proud big sister: Leigha Rose - of course, she hasn't even seen Max yet...

Later in the evening, Max got a burst of energy and decided to climb Mom Mountain. He made it all the way up onto her back! Of course the camera was in my room and he'd gotten down by the time I went to get it.


Day 2 in the life of Miracle Max

He is mine! Come no closer! OK, the camera can come closer

Mommy gives kissies to a sleeping baby

Max trying to make his get-a-way from an ever-watchful mommy Kay


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