I was last updated on January 25, 2006

Miss Mia Grace came to live with me the weekend I took Kayla back to Miami in June 2004. Jen called and asked if I really wanted another cat (after Gabbee). I was hesitant, but said yes. She was at Publix and a lady was giving away kittens born on Mothers' Day, unexpectedly, which made her 5 weeks old. I was finally able to meet her late on Sunday, June 20th on my way back to Gainesville. She was just the tiniest little orange ball of fur!

It took about 2 weeks to finally settle on her name. I was watching Princess Diaries and just love the name Amelia from there.. hence Mia. Plus, she is the most ungraceful little thing I've ever seen. Her middle name was tacked on a few months later to compensate... ha!

We have now been together for about a year and a half. We adopted Phoenix in August 2005 so she wouldn't be so lonely. Oy what a fiasco those first few weeks were! They still fight from time to time, but mostly they get along.

And now, in reverse chronological order, here are the few pictures I have uploaded to my site. Trust me, there are MANY more on my computer and camera.... I've seriously slacked on taking and posting pictures.. so these are pretty outdated. She looks the same though.

Could this be the funniest thing ever? - October 10, 2004

July 7, 2004

October 2004
Lazy days with Mommy (10.14.04)
Cirque de Soliel cat (10.10.04)
Amazed at this obnoxious machine making such noises (10.7.04)
Just looking adorable as can be (10.6.04)
*disco music* Nice shoes, Mommy! (10.6.04)
Another up close shot (10.6.04)
Can we watch this next? (10.5.04)
Watching a commercial with Aladdin (10.5.04)

September 2004
Get me outta here! (9.25.04)
These things are cool! What the hell are they? (9.25.04)
Licking mommy's nose (9.23.04)
Me and my mommy (9.23.04)
Attacking the evil floor (9.17.04)
Trying her damndest to get my chicken (9.17.04)
She actually put her mouse in this position (9.11.04)
Tank TV... man she loves this thing (9.10.04)
I'll do it myself! (9.10.04)
Whatcha drawing, Mommy? (9.10.04)
Her own revenge from surgery - chewing my foot (9.9.04)
Even with her cast on, nothing stops Mia from jumping off my desk (9.9.04)
Spay scar... oh how pissed this made her (9.9.04)
Trying to escape into the storm - during Frances (9.6.04)
Cuddling with York the NYC frog - during Frances (9.6.04)
Royalty resting on a satin pillow - during Frances (9.6.04)

August 2004
Preparing to attack.. or perhaps just relaxing in her puzzle box (8.29.04)
On the stairs, licking her nose (8.29.04)
Trying to drink my milkshake (8.26.04)
Licking the fishtank, trying to get to the fishy (8.26.04)
RAWRRRrrrrr! (8.25.04)
Watching a bit of TV... (8.24.04)
Mia just loves her zephyrhills bottles (8.21.04)
Just looking damn adorable on top of her fishtank (8.21.04)
Mia and her baby rabbit - carrying it like a kitten (8.16.04)
Napping in mommy's lap; setting up a fishtank is hard work! (8.15.04)
Rough life... napping amongst the remotes (8.15.04)
Kitty-vision! The fishtank (8.15.04)
Latest obsession... a plain plastic bag with character (8.13.04)
She eats my jewelry as well as my phone (8.9.04)
No clue what she was looking at.. dust probably (8.8.04)
Chewing on my phone cord and pretending to nap (8.8.04)
She decided to pay homage to my pictures of Nicholas and Gabbee (8.8.04)
Newest spot.. the bathroom sink! (8.6.04)

July 2004
Kitty kisses... after splitting my lip with her claw (7.22.04)
Jumping for my camera cord (7.22.04)
Pay no attention to the phone cord in my mouth... (7.22.04)
Doing her daily workout... dancing around my hand (7.7.04)
Mia's favorite hang-out.. the shower! (7.7.04)
Mama and Mia - we have the same color eyes! (7.3.04)
Escaping from jail.. err, Kayla's crate (7.3.04)
This stuff is good.. what is it? (7.3.04)
"This is how you brush your hair, mommy" (7.3.04)

June 2004
All curled up on my blankie and jammies (6.25.04)
Keyboard Kitty!

Climbing on my head like a jungle gym, ready to attack the mean hair! (6.24.04)
The mom-made collar and 2 bells that only lasted a few hours (6.22.04)
Hanging with Nala, trying to figure out this new home (6.21.04)
Attempting to go down the stairs after climbing them all (6.21.04)
Playing with mommy's feet (6.20.04)
Napping in my sweatshirt on the way to Gainesville (6.20.04)