Walkabout Waldo

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Where did we get this goofy name you ask, well it's an interesting story. From the moment he was born, Waldo moved like crazy. The birthing nurse carried out a tiny, minutes old puppy squirming like mad. He would move from one side of the welping box to the other in a matter of minutes - this started before his eyes were even opened! He's always been very active, and like a little boy reincarnated, like my mom says. So when he was a few weeks old and it was time to officially name him for his AKC papers, I was still calling him "Max", but my dad wanted him to be "Walkabout" something. I went onto a baby naming site and there were so few W names. Waldo was the best, and besides, now I can ask "where's Waldo?" when he's missing! *grin*

This boy is just the most loving and affectionate little puppy we've had in a long time. Kayla and Leigha were never lap-sitting lovey dogs. He very much is! He loves to jump in bed and curl up as close to you as possible, even on your pillow! Kayla at least sleeps at my feet and Leigha sleeps right next to me, but at my knees. My very expensive puppy is just the sweetest!

December 20, 2003

Take my picture, Mama Becca! I'm sitting soooo pretty!

He lays down so loverly! Just like his Mama Kay. Like Mama, like son

Sitting pretty for the camera - this kid just loves being on camera!