August 13, 2000

We went on the second part of our tour today. But first, we walked around Times Square again. We saw all the theaters for the Broadway shows, Madison Square Gardens, Harlem, the Guggenheim and other museums, and some other stuff from the tour bus.

The trip to the airport was an adventure! We were supposed to go to LaGuardia which was about 10 minutes from the last stop of the tour. Silly me!, I got us on the wrong bus and we ended up in Queens to get to LaGuardia (a mere 40 minutes out of the way!! Anyhow, our flight was supposed to leave at 5pm, we got to the check-in desk at 4:55. (Holy out of breath, Batman!) We were informed that because of the hurricane near Raleigh, the flight was delayed until 6. Once we got to the gate, it had been delayed again until 6:30. Long story short, we finally boarded the plane around 7:20pm. For the inconvenience, the alcohol flowed freely on the flight... The turbulence was horrendous (I was scared to death and clawing Brendan's hand the whole time).

For the connecting flight, they held every connecting flight in Raleigh. I puked, from the terror and alcohol, on this flight. We finally got back to Orlando a few hours later then expected... All in all, not a great flying experience!

-- Becca




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